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This section of our website contains a range of links to other websites which you may find useful. Please note that if you see a product which you are interested in, we will try our best to acquire and stock it for you as soon as we can. Please just contact us directly in such an instance.

All links will open in a pop-up window when clicked. Note that as these are external websites, MG cannot accept responsibility for the content of such websites.

If you are looking for any product information please try contacting us directly if you cannot find an answer to your questions, and we will try our best to swiftly answer any enquiries.

TIMco Screws, Fixings and Fasteners

TIMco is one of our largest suppliers, and provides a large majority of the products in our ‘Fixings and Screws’ range, particularly our wood, chipboard and multi-purpose screws and fixings. After many years, MG continues to be a main distributor of TIMco products in Scotland. The TIMco website has a wealth of information which may be useful to our customers, including product information and technical specifications.

UK Fasteners WindowMASTER Range

UKF provides a large majority of our window and machine screws range. The UKF website contains some information which our customers may find very useful. In addition, the WindowMASTER brochure, available here, is very useful and contains an array of information and product specifications.

SFSintec PVCu Window and Door Range

SFSintec is another of our suppliers for fixings and fasteners, widely of their PVCu Window and Door range. MG is the sole distributor of SFS products in Scotland. The SFS website contains many diagrams and product specifications which may be useful to our customers. Other products on display can also be acquired, regardless of the range they are part of.

Paslode Nails, Brads and Fuel Cells (for Nailers)

Paslode are a supplier of nails, brads and fuel cells for Paslode power tools, such as power nailers. The Paslode website contains some technical data which may be of use to our customers. You can also filter available Paslode tools by trade to find which tools we can supply you that you may find beneficial.

Soudal Sealants, Silicones, Superglues and Fillers

Soudal is a manufaturer of a wide range of different sealants and adhesives, particularly within our silicones and fillers range. From high-quality, top-of-the-range products such as Silirub2 down to the more affordable products such as SilirubAC, MG can acquire and already stocks many of the products on offer from Soudal.
The easy-to-navigate Soudal website contains a large quantity of information on all Soudal products, including technical data sheets and descriptions of products. In addition, we feel that the Soudal Brochure/Professional Product Guide, available here, is a fantastic publication which is of unmeasurable value to our customers, providing the necessary information required to choose the best product for your application.

Please click the relevant range link to the left to be directed to the appropriate area of the Soudal website to find any technical data required.

EverBuild Silicones and Tapes

We stock a range of EverBuild silicones, including 700T LMN silicone 825 silicone, 125 One Hour Caulk acrylic silicone and gun-grade polyurethane foam. We also stock parcel and packaging tapes from EverBuild, including Mammoth Tapes; in addition to Black Jack tapes.
The EverBuild website is a useful resource, containing descriptions of such products, as well as reports on technical and MSDS data for each product. These are accessible through the links to the left.

Henkel Ceresit Silicones

One of our popular silicone products includes the 7T range of Technical Grade silicones from Henkel’s Ceresit brand, which is available in a variety of colours. In addition to the quality products from Henkel, we also stock a supply of 121 Acrylic Caulk filler. We can also supply any of the products from the Ceresit range, including specialised products such as sanitary silicones. We consider the Ceresit brochure, available here, a great source of information for Henkel products. Technical information on Henkel products is available on their website, linked to the left.

Technical and Safety Information

MG-PRO, MG-LMN Silicones and MG Superglue and Activator

As many of customers have approached us over the last few years and asked whether we have our own alternative to some of our most popular products, MG now offers our own-branded silicones, superglues and some solvents.

As a supplier, we also understand that some of our customers require the technical and safety information for all products they use, and so we have created and uploaded such information onto our website. This information can be accessed through the link to the left.

Fosroc Nitoseal Silicones

We also supply silicone products from Fosroc, particularly from the Nitoseal range, in a variety of colours. Our bestselling Fosroc product is Nitoseal MS60 – a general purpose building sealant – available in brown and white.
The Fosroc website is accessible by clicking the logo to the left, showing the range of products available, whereas MS60 technical information can be found by clicking the links to the left.

Greenwood S, L, F and HD Window Vents

Greenwood Airvac has been our main supplier of window vents for a number of years, and our customers have shown experiences where they have been consistently happy with Greenwood products.
We stock most Greenwood vent ranges, including the Slotvent S, L, F and HD range, and the Permavent range. The Greenwood website has some useful information, including building regulations.

Glazpart Clip-Fit and Screw-Fit Window Vents

We stock some of the vents from the Glazpart Clip-Fit and Screw-Fit ranges, in a variety of different colours.
The Glazpart website has some very useful information to customers who use these vents, including building regulations and technical data.
We also find the Glazpart brochure of vents, available here, very useful, and customers may wish to read through this publication prior to choosing the vents they need to suit their application.

Titon Window Vents

Titon is also one of our stocked suppliers of window vents. We mainly stock Titon slot vents, however can supply most Titon products.
The Titon website is a very useful resource containing technical information on all products and information on building regulations and fixing instructions, which customers may find useful. In addition, we find the vent comparison chart very useful to allow customers to choose the best-suited Titon vent for their application. The Titon brochure, available here, is also a very useful resource.

Glazpart Packers, Frame Protectors and Drainhole Covers

Glazpart is a large supplier for many of our products, and covers a large number of items.
Our primary supplier of all plastic products, such as packers and drainhole covers, their website contains an array of useful information, inlcluding drawings and technical data.
The brochure for this area, available here, is also particularly useful in outlining the products on offer from these ranges.

Dormer Jobber and Long-Series Drills

Dormer has been a supplier of both jobber and long-series drills for many years, and Dormer products are renowned for their quality.
As a well-known brand, it is common for customers to ask questions regarding their technical data. The brochures linked to the left are very useful in such situations, and allow customers to view the range of Dormer products available.

TIMco Addax Jobber and Long-Series Drill; and Driver Bits and Magnetic Holders

We stock a large range of TIMco Addax products, including jobber and long-series drills, and a variety of driver bits and magnetic holders.
The TIMco website shows the full list of products available from this range, and we can source any item from the Addax range very quickly.
The website allows you to view information for individual products, as well as view images and technical drawings of these items.

Soudal Silicone and Foam Guns

Soudal is our largest supplier of a wide range of different sealants and adhesives, particularly within our silicones and fillers range.
In addition, they supply a range of tools and accessories which are useful for glazing. Their website contains information on the different tools available, and allows you to view photographs and print off information. The brochure provided is also useful.

Glazpart Glazing Shovels

Glazpart is a supplier of many of our plastic products, including tools used for glazing such as glazing shovels.
These Glazpart glazing shovels are a very popular item in our range, and the Glazpart website outlines the different colours available in the range, as well as product drawings and images.
The glazing accessories brochure, available here, is also a very good resource for choosing and comparing Glazpart products, including shovels.

Sait Abrasive Velcro Disks and Sanding Rolls

Sait is our principal supplier of abrasive products, with the most popular items being their SAITAC velco disks and abrasive paper rolls.

The Sait website has some information on the safety and technical data for these products, although this is not extensive.
The brochure (in an embedded flash form) is useful for looking through also.

Soudal PVCU Frame and Glass Cleaner

Soudal is one of our largest suppliers of many products for the window and door industry, including silicones and cleaning products.

In addition, Soudal offers a range of cleaning products for this application, including frame and glass cleaner, both of which remain to be a very popular product at MG.

The Soudal brochure, available here, outlines all janitorial products available from Soudal, and their website gives information on each product.

EverBuild Wonder Wipes Range

One of our bestselling products in the janitorial range continues to be EverBuild’s Wonder Wipes: mulit-use industrial cleaning wipes renowned for their effective use in many applications.

MG stocks Wonder Wipes in both large and small tubs, and these are frequently asked for by customers, being a very popular product.
The safety, laboratory and technical data sheets for this range are available via the links to the left. The EverBuild website, also linked, is also a very good source of information about this range.

Gojo Hand Cleaner

As part of our range of janitorial and cleaning products, we offer two bestselling products from Gojo: their green one-fits-all hand cleaner, and their orange pumice hand cleaner.

These have proven to be very popular products at MG, and in addition to these products, we also stock different sizes and types of dispenser for Gojo products.

Click Workwear: Trousers and Boots, Hi-Viz Items, Hard Hats, Ear Defenders, Earplugs, Goggles and Glasses, Dust Masks, Gloves and First Aid Items.

Click is a supplier of many items which fall under the ‘Workwear and Safety’ range, and our range of Click items is huge.

The Click website is vast, and provides a lot of information on each product available. At MG, we stock a large variety of Click items, and can order in any Click product you or your company requires.

Click is known for their excellent quality, and we suggest you browse through the brochures, available here, to find the products which are most suited for you.

Sorry, but we do not have any links to provide for our tools range.

However, at MG we have an extensive range and variety of tools, in many different sizes.

Our tool range includes:

  • Air tools
  • Blades, including: jigsaw blades; hacksaw blades; utility blades; safety blades and Stanley blades.
  • Knives
  • Snips
  • Saws
  • Hammers and Mallets
  • Levels (e.g. spirit levels)
  • Keys (e.g. Allen keys)
  • Measuring tools (e.g. measuring tapes)
  • Power tools

We have a large number of items in our tools range, stocking a number of many tools in our warehouse. If you have any specific tools you are looking for, or just wish to ask availability of any tool, please contact us at your first convenience, and we will try our best to help!